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Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and therefore i have to face up to it. >> i mean, you know, cheating is the fwbiggest insult. you know, clinton did it. a lot of men in power did it. >> reporter: but other fans didn't seem phased by the elephant in the room. >> i think he's done a lot of valuable movies, politics and made a lot of krixzs. >> i'm a lifelong fan. >> ray lamede says his expectations for the night were pretty shot. >> he came out and his handlerings were like let's go, you've go t to move. >> he and his body were the first in line for the famous john hancock. >> very cold. he didn't acknowledge us. >> love him or hate him, most people will say he will always be the govenator. >> american airlines is now explaining what led to some scary moments for some passengers when their seats came loose in the middle of their flight. two 757s have experienced the problems since last week. mechanics say some seats were moved around and the clamp that attaches them to the floor was not installed correctly after they were moved. the airline is now inspecting 47 other airplanes that have similar seat clamps. >> up next, a news an
Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to former president bill clinton's gathering of global leaders and that is where mitt romney had begun his day. romney took a political jab at president obama in his speech implying that he's not done enough to confront foreign policy challenges in libya,egypt and iran. during a stop in ohio, romney said his administration would not characterize middle east unrest as a bump in the road. >> we have a president who takes this serious and gets america on trap to shape world affairs. >> both romney and president obama will be campaigning in ohio tomorrow. a new washington post poll of likely voters shows the president leading romney in the buckeye state 52-44%. >>> with the raising of a flag, charles county, maryland, makes history while honoring the sacrifices of brave soldiers. during a somber ceremony under a bright blue sky, charles county became the first in the state to fly the p.o.w./m.i.a. flag all year around. it honors among other 1,700 soldiers missing, one of them from charles county. his family was at today's ceremony as were members of the group rolling thunder. >> someone once s
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. there is not a warning on it, but some very heavy rain now down around the airport, crossing 95, headed toward clinton and headed toward northern charles county and southern sections of prince george's county. you can see the red, that's rainfall rates of one inch per hour. we'll put this into motion. where it will go in the next hour? for the most part it moves east- southeast, holds together pretty w. still fairly intense it is a clears andrews and morning side and over towards forestville. flash flooding possible in those areas around old town in the next hour or so. that's the only storm we have on map. the futurecast, by morning i think we're going to have some clouds to the north but a dry commute. nothing crazy heavy. then a lot of sunshine during the afternoon. want to walk to lunch? no worries there. in the afternoon the atmosphere is still fairly unstable. right now computer thinks maybe 7:00, 8:00 to the west, out towards leesburg, then these work their way through the immediate metro area. again we're seeing oranges and reds. pretty huff stuff. this is 24 hours from now. we're going the ke
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3